Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Kits - Innokin iTaste MVP 2 and Lavatube v2

The iTaste and Lavatube are some of the best variable voltage electronic cigarettes on the market. Best flavour, most customizable, works with the widest range of clearomizers and better value over time.

Variable voltage kits have bigger and better batteries!

Our Lavatube kits come with 2200mah replaceable batteries. Our innokin iTaste variable voltage electronic cigarette starter kits come with 2600mah batteries. Light/moderate users could go up to 2 days without needing a recharge. Whereas, standard batteries only go as high as 1300mah.

The higher the mah of the battery, the longer it will last before needing a recharge. Also, every time the battery is charged, it wears out a little bit more so the less you need to re-charge it, the less quickly it will wear out.

But, that is not all – far from it. These variable voltage batteries let you very closely control the voltage and the wattage output. What this means in practice, is that you can fiddle with the settings until you reach that sweet spot – where you get the best level of flavour and intensity from your combination of liquid and atomizer/clearomizer.

Not done yet. There are two more areas in which variable voltage electronic cigarettes have the edge over standard battery starter kits. This is in their ability to easily handle any and all atomizers/clearomizers of whatever resistance and safety.

The microprocessors within the variable voltage electronic cigarette battery that are required to be able to adjust the voltage, also work to make the battery more safer to use. The Lavatube for example, monitors its own status automatically to prevent usage at a voltage level that could damage the unit or atomizer.

Better components

Because these are the high end of the electronic cigarette market, you can expect quality. Designs are clean, flawless, and modern. The Innokin iTaste has been on a variety of the best electronic cigarette charts. In independent tests, the iTaste MVP 2.0 exhibited impressive accuracy, with output exhibiting almost no deviation from the voltage or wattage setting.

E-cig extras

The Lavatube is designed so that you can just change the core – a bit like changing the battery in a flashlight. The cores are about £6 - £8 each and can be bought anywhere (it doesn’t need to be a specialist e-cig shop) so over time they represent better value for money than electronic cigarette batteries without a replaceable core.
Both the Lavatube and the iTaste have a LCD display that tells you the voltage and how much power is left. It also shows the atomizer resistance. The  iTaste however also lets you adjust the wattage and has a puff counter. It is also smaller and more portable than the Lavatube.

YouTube video review of the iTaste (not one of ours!)

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