Supreme eVod Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

One of the most popular models on the market today. A mid range device with a bottom coil clearomizer for a smoother vape. Get a true taste of what an ecig can do for you.

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This item is currently on offer:
  • Unbranded kit - £24.99
  • Kangertech genuine kit - £29.99

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Paaske Wednesday, 30 April 2014
I ordered the Kangertech Evod starter kit. I was very impressed how quick this was delivered despite I ordered late Friday afternoon. They already made delivery Saturday morning! Great service! Also Happy to say I quit normal cigs since
carmieec Friday, 18 April 2014
I have never written a review for any thing in my life but for this I feel I have to I was a bit worried about buying on line but this truely is amazing my package arrived next day these are not cheap copies they are the real thing and a very very good price I will from now on only shop here and have recommended it to all my friends
Thank you so much I would like to give 10 stars but im only allowed five

eVod electronic cigarette picture

Your options - Kangertech or unbranded!

We have both genuine Kangertech branded versions and unbranded versions of this electronic cigarette kit. The unbranded kits come in black and silver and are only £27.49. The Kangertech kits come in black only and are priced at £34.99. Both kits come with a free 10ml bottle of e-liquid of your choice. For those wanting to try out the eVod, we also have very low cost single eVod kits available.

It may not look like a cigarette but it sure does deliver!

Sure, you can buy electronic cigarettes that look like real cigarettes. Indeed when e cigs first came to market, they were designed to look exactly like real cigarettes. But the market has matured since then and new designs have come to the fore to give that perfect vape.

The difference between an electronic cigarette that does the job and one that doesn't, is how well the battery, atomizer, and liquid work together to produce the flavour and throat hit.

The Battery

Our genuine Kangertech eVod e cigarette kits come with a 650mah battery. Our unbranded kits come with larger 1100mah batteries. These are both good size batteries that will give you a solid few hours of use before needing a recharge. As a guide, a 650mah battery gives 4-6 hours of use whereas an 1100mah battery gives between 6-11 hours (depending on your vaping style, exact set up, etc). The batteries are good for around 350 recharge cycles before they will need to be replaced.

A larger battery is important as it requires recharging and replacing less often. Smaller battery = lower run time, more frequent recharges, and more frequent battery replacement.

A larger battery is also able to deliver more power to the atomizer so that it vaporizes the liquid more effectively producing a better vaping experience.

The battery in our e-cig kits is CE approved and designed to prevent accidental discharge. By clicking the power button five times, it will lock the battery down so that it doesn't get switched on accidentally in your pocket etc.

A changeable electronic cigarette atomizer design

Quite possible the most important part of an electronic cigarette, the atomizer is responsible for transferring energy from the battery to the liquid causing it to be vaporised.

The eVod atty is a bottom coil clearomizer. These work with gravity and have a heating coil at the bottom rather than the top of the unit. A matter of personal preference to a large extent, but users have reported finding these somewhat more reliable than top coil versions.

Additionally, the part of the unit which burns out with use can be replaced without having to replace the whole atomizer unit meaning cost savings.

Reliable parts

For your benefit, we only use the best quality CE certified batteries and chargers.

Choice of colours

Our eVod electronic cigarette starter kits are available in black and stainless steel versions. They are also available as single ecig kits.

YouTube video review (not one of ours!)

How to vape

The basic process of vaping is similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. However, for the best vaping experience, you need to do the opposite of pulling too hard or too sharply. Try taking long and light puffs. It will take a few tries but when you do you will get in exactly the right amount of vapor to make it a satisfying experience.

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