Ultimate eGo C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Fantastic twin pack eGo C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit with extra atomizer heads and free 10ml e-liquid

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014
I have been using this product for a week and am very impressed. The sleek but tough design sits snugly in my shirt pocket next to my pen. Last week I was smoking between 20-30 cigarettes a day. Since this purchase I am now down to 2 or 3 and ive been a smoker for 30 + years ! Its already paid for itself! Would definately recommend this product.
Tim Stone

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This is one of UniqBuy's oldest and most popular electronic cigarette starter kit solutions. A cost-effective mid range device with a solid, reliable performance. If you want to get a true idea of what an ecig can do for you, this is the e-cig kit to go for and let us tell you why.

eGo C Ecig Kit Full Picture

But, it doesn't look like a cigarette!

Yes, you can buy ones that look like real cigarettes and we sell disposables that do indeed look like the real thing. But, for everyday use they will not give you the satisfaction that you will get with one of these.

What makes an e-cigarette is how well the battery, atomizer, and liquid work together to produce the flavour and throat hit.

The Battery

Our latest eGo C electronic cigarette kits come with an extra large capacity 1100mah battery rather than the standard 650mah battery - this is a good size battery that gives between 6 and 11 hours of use (depending on your vaping style, exact set up, etc). It is good for around 350 recharge cycles before it will need to be replaced.

Many e-cigarette kits come with smaller 250mah batteries - the smaller the design the smaller the battery. Smaller battery = lower run time, more frequent recharges, and more frequent battery replacement.

In addition to having a longer life and requiring less frequent recharges, a bigger battery can provide more power to the atomizer so that it vaporizes the liquid more effectively producing a better vaping experience.

The battery in our e-cig kits is CE approved and designed to prevent accidental discharge. By clicking the power button five times, it will lock the battery down so that it doesn't get switched on accidentally in your pocket etc.

Revolutionary changeable e-cig atomizer

This is possibly the most important part of an e-cigarette and is responsible for transmitting energy from the battery to the liquid causing it to be vaporised.

Why is the design of the eGo C electronic cigarette revolutionary - because it fully comes apart making cleaning easy and more importantly meaning you only need to replace what has been damaged/used up. Generally, only the atomizer heads need to be changed when they have been used up.

Reliable parts

For your benefit, we only use the best quality CE certified batteries and chargers.

Easy refill

All you do is fill a cartridge with liquid. You do not need to take much care or worry about accidentally getting the liquid on the battery and killing it.

Assembly instructions for the ego C electronic cigarette are in the video below:

How to vape

The basic process of vaping is similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. However, for the best vaping experience, you need to do the opposite of pulling too hard or too sharply. Try taking long and light puffs. It will take a few tries but when you do you will get in exactly the right amount of vapor to make it a satisfying experience. If the device makes loud gurgling sounds or feels dry, you are probably drawing on it too hard. If needed, you could also try to loosen the battery from the body just a tiny bit to unblock the air ports.

Cost effective

The cost of a good quality single beginner starter kit is about £15. This is a single battery, tank atomizer and a USB charger.

In this e-cig kit you get:

  • 2 complete eGo C electronic cigarettes (worth ~£15 each)
  • 3 extra atomizer heads (making 5 in total) which when you compare with the beginner kits, is in real terms the equivalent of 3 extra tank atomizers (worth ~£7)
  • a wall charger as well as a USB charger (worth ~£5)
  • 5 extra empty liquid cartridges (worth ~£5)
  • Free 10ml e liquid of your choice (roughly equivalent to about 70 cigarettes - worth ~£4)

Total value of the Uniqbuy Ultimate eGo C
electronic cigarette starter kit ~£51

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