Ultimate eGo C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Fantastic twin pack eGo-C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit with extra atomizer heads and free 10ml e-liquid.

Below we have introduced to you both the eGo-C and our 1st time vaper kits. If you have not purchased an electronic cigarette before, we highly recommend the 1st time vaper kit. It is a very easy to use kit that gives a solid performance. Whereas, the eGo C can be a little more difficult to use.

eGo C electronic cigarette kit

The eGo C e-cigarette is one of our oldest and most popular electronic cigarette starter kit solutions. A cost-effective mid range device with a solid, reliable performance.

This e-cigarette is most suitable for lighter users as the cartridge takes a smaller amount of liquid in comparison to other models.

The eGo-C e-cig starter kit comes with:

  • 2 complete eGo 1100mah electronic cigarettes
  • 3 extra atomizer heads (making 5 in total) which when you compare with the beginner kits, is in real terms the equivalent of 3 extra tank atomizers
  • a wall charger as well as a USB charger
  • 5 extra empty eGo-C liquid cartridges
  • Free 10ml e liquid of your choice (roughly equivalent to about 70 cigarettes)

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First Time Vapers Kit

Our Recommendation for New Vapers

This electronic cigarette starter kit has everything the new vaper needs to get vaping. It is a special e cigarette kit we put together based on customer feedback.

The First Time Vapers electronic cigarette kit comes with:

  • 1x 1100mah extra large battery in black
  • 1x eGo CE4+ rebuildable clearomizer
  • 1x eVod rebuildable clearomizer in black
  • 1x UK wall charger
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 2x 10ml e-liquid bottles (1x premium Hangsen RY6 and 1x standard Hangsen RY4)
  • 1x needle bottle for easy filling

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What is so special about UniqBuy's kits?

Above we have given you two electronic cigarette kit options. Click the electronic cigarette link on the left for all the options including variable voltage kits. We have ego cigarette starter kits starting from as low as £5.99.

If you have never used an electronic cigarette before, or you have been using ones with disposable pre-filled cartridges, then you have been missing out.

You can get full detailed information on how to choose an e-cig on our blog: What should I look for when buying an electronic cigarette?

The Battery

Both the eGo C and 1st time vaper kits featured above contain premium extra large capacity 1100mah batteries (rather than the standard 650mah battery). This is a good size battery that gives between 6 and 11 hours of use (depending on your vaping style, exact set up, etc). It is good for around 350 recharge cycles before it will need to be replaced.

Many e-cigarette kits come with smaller 250mah batteries - the smaller the design the smaller the battery. Smaller battery = lower run time, more frequent recharges, and more frequent battery replacement.

In addition to having a longer life and requiring less frequent recharges, a bigger battery can provide more power to the atomizer so that it vaporizes the liquid more effectively producing a better vaping experience.

The battery in our e-cig kits is CE approved and designed to prevent accidental discharge. By clicking the power button five times, it will lock the battery down so that it doesn't get switched on accidentally in your pocket etc.

Rebuildable Design

All clearomizers and atomizers have a useful lifespan of about a month. This is because they contain wicking material which burns out with use.

Most of our electronic cigarette starter kits including the eGo C and 1st Time Vapers Kit featured above have a rebuildable design. This means you only need to replace the wick/head section and not the whole clearomizer which is much more cost effective in the long run. A pack of 5 wicks will cost around £12.99 whereas the cheapest clearomizer is £2.99.

Refillable Design

All of our electronic cigarette kits feature refillable atomizers / clearomizers. Unlike the pre-filled cartridge designs, our electronic cigarette starter kits give you the option to fully customize your vaping experience with the widest choice of e-liquids and nicotine strengths available.

Reliable parts

For your benefit, we only use the best quality CE certified batteries and chargers.

Here are some reviews of our products

Tim Tuesday, 25 March 2014
I have been using this product for a week and am very impressed. The sleek but tough design sits snugly in my shirt pocket next to my pen. Last week I was smoking between 20-30 cigarettes a day. Since this purchase I am now down to 2 or 3 and ive been a smoker for 30 + years ! Its already paid for itself! Would definately recommend this product.

Paaske Wednesday, 30 April 2014
I ordered the Kangertech Evod starter kit. I was very impressed how quick this was delivered despite I ordered late Friday afternoon. They already made delivery Saturday morning! Great service! Also Happy to say I quit normal cigs since
carmieec Friday, 18 April 2014
I have never written a review for any thing in my life but for this I feel I have to I was a bit worried about buying on line but this truely is amazing my package arrived next day these are not cheap copies they are the real thing and a very very good price I will from now on only shop here and have recommended it to all my friends
Thank you so much I would like to give 10 stars but im only allowed five

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