Batteries, Charger, Cases, Neck Straps and Drip Tips

There is not much to say about some of these, but batteries especially are very important.

The electronic cigarette battery matters

Not all batteries are created equal. Just like a good washing up liquid lasts for longer, so does a good battery. When we asked our supplier if they could make the beginner starter kit cheaper, the first thing they said was that compromises would have to be made with the battery. We of course decided not to compromise on quality.

Rechargeable battery technology has not really changed in a very long time and still suffers from one major drawback - it's ability to retain charge reduces over time until after so many recharge cycles it is ready for the bin. Poor quality batteries (generally cheaper ones) die a lot quicker - think the difference between Duracell and Ever Ready.

The second thing to be aware of is battery capacities. The higher the mah number, the bigger the battery will be in size and the longer it will last.

If your electronic cigarette has a small battery - those that are similar in size to a real cigarette certainly will, it would be a good idea to keep a wall charger and a car charger handy. You may also wish to purchase a spare battery so that you can alternate between them.

We have three types of battery that you can purchase as a spare:

  • the eGO XL 1100mah battery (the largest capacity)
  • the eGo LCD 650mah battery (it lets you know when a recharge is due)
  • the eGo Variable Voltage 650mah battery

Variable Voltage Battery

I felt this one needed more explanation. Unlike standard batteries, the variable voltage ones feature a booster circuit that stores and regulates power from the battery, delivering it to the atomizer or cartomizer at the voltage you select. Many variable-voltage e-cigarettes also include microprocessors for safety and precise control over vapor production.

Because of the fancy gadgetry, variable-voltage e-cigarettes are more expensive than standard e-cigarettes and produce the best performance currently available in the electronic cigarette scene. They allow you to precisely control the throat hit and flavour strength.

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We have USB chargers, wall chargers and car chargers. The wall chargers and car chargers are not stand alone devices - you need to combine them with USB chargers. There is two types of USB charger - a mini USB charger such as the one that charges the variable voltage batteries and the special USB charger that charges the beginner starter kit, eGo C etc. There is not really much more to say about them.


We currently stock faux leather cases for carrying your electronic cigarettes and bits in. We may decide to stock hard cases and multi-colour cases and we are open to suggestions on this.

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Neck straps

These make carrying your electronic cigarette easier. You connect them to your electronic cigarette and then throw them over your neck. We currently have the following in stock:

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Drip Tips

Personally, we do not think that these are necessary as they do not change the flavour or use of the e cigarette at all. However, some people like to customize their e-cigs and we have a small range of these in stock. Not all drip tips work with all atomizers, so be sure to check compatibility.

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